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Moving to a high school or a new school district in Michigan can be difficult for some students. Being in a new school can feel even more intimidating for students when trying to make new friends. Teens who are shy or anxious may feel that they have a hard time finding their place among their peers. However, learning how to make friends in high school does not have to be overwhelming. There are many different steps for you to take to meet new people and make lasting friendships.

Sleep Is Important for Students

Everyone needs to sleep because it helps maintain healthy physiological functions. Slee...

Learning on a laptop

What is Blended Learning?

September 26, 2022

  Blended learning is a learning approach that combines face-to-face classroom ...

Doing an online College application with NextTech High School

Are you a high school senior who is going to apply to college? Learn when to apply for college, and the deadlines for college applications.

Person holding notebook while watching online lecture

The events of the last few years came with many changes in technology and connectivity and how they affect our lives. Many people worldwide shifted to doing things remotely, including education. Remote learning is now a new norm in West Michigan

Student holding a notebook and taking notes while watching lecture on laptop

As technology evolves, students continue to embrace online learning. Statistics show that 70% of students are willing to shift to online classes. The numbers are expected to increase with time as more learning institutions shift to online classes and blended learning in Grand Rapids and Lansing, MI.

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How can you help your online student in Michigan get the most out of their school day w...

Two students at NexTech high school work together on a laptop in a blended learning curriculum

Stay up to date with all of our news and events we have going at our Grand Rapids high school. Call us today at 616-458-6011 for additional information.

A child works diligently at a computer as NexTech HighSchool explains their 6 blended learning modules.

​​6 Blended Learning Models

September 22, 2021

Learn about the 6 Blended Learning Models from Nextech, a blended learning environment in Grand Rapids. Call us today at 616-458-6011 for more information.

Nextech students using technology in the classroom

Do students need technology in education to be successful today? It's likely that t...

Blending learning or flex school isn’t for every student in Michigan. Still, the ...

You’ve found NexTech because you are interested in learning more about a blended ...

NexTech High School offers non-traditional instruction for secondary students that incl...

Happy Highschool Student Taking her Online Classes at a public Library with NexTech High School

Though college students have utilized virtual learning tools for almost the past two de...

A Teacher engaging with her students, in a traditional classroom setting.

A college-prep curriculum is a high school experience designed to help students succ...

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Prepare your child for a whole range of opportunities by finding a small class experien...