The Story of NexTech High School in Grand Rapids, MI

Our program originally started as Nexus Academy of Grand Rapids in 2012.  Nexus Academy of Grand Rapids was part of a network of tuition-free public high schools located across Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. 

Originally marketed as a blended-learning school, Nexus Academy of Grand Rapids delivered a supportive blend of online and face-to-face instruction that was designed to meet each student's personal needs, goals, and interests. 

We had partnered with Connections Education to provide a new approach to education looking to meet students at their level, and provide the supports and interventions they needed to be successful.  

That first year we opened our doors with 32 students and worked through the year to begin to develop exactly what virtual learning was supposed to be. Our staff consisted of onsite teachers for English and Math, while having dedicated virtual teachers supporting other content areas.

Along with our onsite teachers were Success Coaches, certified teachers with the goal of supporting students in areas like career and college readiness and time management. At the conclusion of that first year we graduated our entire senior class of three students!

Over the next four years the school made changes to our programming, worked with students to identify individual needs, and continued to refine our brand. This meant identifying the best way to support students onsite and virtually.

It was during the 2016-17 school year that the school board decided to make a change to provide more onsite support for students in the areas of Social Studies and Science. This led to a change to our current format and also a transition to the NexTech name.

NexTech High School officially began in August 2017 with the goal to continue building on our previous foundation, and enhance learning opportunities for all students in the State of Michigan. Our program is built upon relationships with our community, and we continue to look for new and innovative ways to grow our programming.

By giving students a voice in their own education, we see new ways to continue to evolve what blended learning should be. If you have not been in for a tour, please give us a call at 616-458-4992, or stop on in today.