Grand Rapids Staff Directory

Photo of Mr. Arturo Araujo

Mr. Arturo Araujo

Art Teacher/Dean of Students

My name is Art Araujo and I support the NexTech Art program, mentor young minds, and de...

Photo of Mrs. Maureen Baker

Mrs. Maureen Baker

English Teacher

Hi! My name is Maureen Baker and I am passionate about the power of language and litera...

Photo of Dr. Larry Balkema

Dr. Larry Balkema

Special Education Specialist

Photo of Mrs. Lisa Douglass

Mrs. Lisa Douglass

Special Education Specialist

Photo of Mr. Al Hafeman

Mr. Al Hafeman

Math Teacher

Math Teacher in Grand Rapids My name is Al Hafeman.  I teach Math which include...

Photo of Mrs. Elizabeth Hoving

Mrs. Elizabeth Hoving

Spanish Teacher

My name is Elizabeth Hoving. I am the new Spanish teacher at NexTech High School. I hav...

Photo of Mrs. Marci Jenkins

Mrs. Marci Jenkins

Social Worker/Home-School Liason

English teacher in Grand Rapids

Mrs. Katie Kozumplik

English Teacher

English Teacher in Grand Rapids My name is Katie Kozumplik. This is my second year t...

Photo of Mrs. Megan Krey

Mrs. Megan Krey

Social Studies/English Teacher

Hi! I am Megan Krey.  This will be my 8th year at NexTech and my 11th year of teac...

Photo of Mrs. Jolene Manley

Mrs. Jolene Manley

Director of School Operations/Administrative Assistant

Hi! My name is Jolene Manley and I am the Director of School Operations. I started...

Photo of Mr. Jeremy McClure

Mr. Jeremy McClure

Principal/School Leader

My name is Jeremy McClure and I am the Principal here at NexTech High School. This will...

Photo of Mr. Dominic Reaume

Mr. Dominic Reaume

Health & PE Teacher/Social Media Manager

Hi! My name is Dominic Reaume and I currently teach Health & PE and manage the scho...

Photo of Mr. Matthew Schnaare

Mr. Matthew Schnaare

Math Teacher

I’ve been a math teacher for 18 years, but this is my first year at NexTech High ...

Photo of Mrs. Cristina Zuberbier

Mrs. Cristina Zuberbier

School Counselor

Cristina Zuberbier comes to NexTech High School with 13 years of experience. Fun fact, ...