Time management resources for online students

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Virtual learning in Grand Rapids and Lansing, MI, can come with a long list of advantages for high-school students. There are a few ways you can prepare yourself or the student in your family to succeed better, including planning and creating a balance between school and leisure. 

Plan ahead

online high school classes and flex school in Grand Rapids and Lansing, MI, allow you the freedom to participate wherever you may be, but planning is important to ensure that you have access to a computer and wifi when you need it. Make sure that you have the proper equipment, including headphones and a microphone, so that you can properly hear class lectures and ask questions. 

Don’t multitask

While it can be tempting to work on homework or do other activities during class, it is not effective time management. It can be extremely difficult to focus on two things at once, and you will be able to work far more efficiently if you take on one task at a time. This means paying attention in class and then giving dedicated time to homework afterward. 

Set up your virtual office

People who work jobs from home often set up a dedicated office space. This is something that students participating in virtual learning can benefit from as well. Setting up your computer and desk somewhere in your home, whether in your bedroom or somewhere else, can help keep you organized. Add storage, so you will know where all of your things are when you need them. Make sure that there is room for a computer and a writing space to take notes. 

Block out distractions

Putting your virtual learning office in a place with a door where you can shut out outside noises is an important part of planning for class. You will want to inform anyone else in your home that you are in flex school so that they do not inadvertently disturb you. Sometimes there are unavoidable background noises. Headphones can be used to help block them out so you can focus. 

Reward yourself

School is an important part of life, but rewarding yourself for hard work and doing things you enjoy after class is done. Flex school can sometimes make it hard to find a separation between school and home. Don't forget to take some time for leisure and self-care. 

Create a balance

A good life and school balance is about finding the time to get what you need to do for school done and then allowing yourself to rest and enjoy life. While there will be times when you need to put more hours into virtual learning and homework, don't undervalue the power of having fun and relaxing. Doing so allows you to recuperate and return to schoolwork with a fresh attitude. 

Get a good night’s sleep

An important part of your life balance is self-care. Getting enough sleep is one of the most important ways you can take care of yourself. Sleep gives you the energy you need to do school and still motivates activities you enjoy afterward. 


Setting yourself up for success in a virtual learning environment is all about planning and rewarding yourself for hard work. Learn more about how you can enroll in our flex school programs in Grand Rapids and Lansing, MI, to take control of your education experience and own your future.

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