10 Tools for Online High School Students

Students from NexTech High School study on laptops while listening to music in their headphones

The embrace of online learning is one of the best developments in the last few years. Blended and online engagement create flexible and student-centered learning environments free of unnecessary distractions in the traditional classroom. Another bonus of tech-based teaching and learning is the plethora of enrichment opportunities through school-approved apps and websites. Check out these ten tools for online high school students that will help you master the ins and outs of online and blended learning. 


If you like flashcards but don’t want to keep contributing to deforestation, StudyBlue is your go-to tool. It’s free for the basic version, and you can use it on web browsers, tablets, and iOS devices, so being attached to your laptop isn’t a requirement for studying. 


Fun updates like an AI learning assistant and better explanations will have teachers leaning on Quizlet more than ever before. Not only is it an expert study app, but the subject matter is written and verified by experts. Quizlet has been keeping online high school students prepared since 2005. 


Duolingo is responsible for the hours of language practice that you need outside of the classroom. It provides a natural progression with images and speaking that helps you memorize grammar while paying attention to cultural nuances.  Since it’s highly portable and optimized for phone use, you can complete mini-lessons while waiting between online high school lessons or taking a break outside in Grand Rapids. 


To level the playing field, Desmos offers not only an excellent curriculum that teachers can use to supplement state standards in Grand Rapids and Lansing, MI, but it also provides math tools for every student. You can choose from graphing, scientific, four-function, and matrix calculators along with geometry tools. 

Easy Bib

Writing papers for online high school and checking grammar independently isn’t so hard with EasyBib. You can scan for plagiarism and grammar errors as you’re writing.

Khan Academy

Sometimes, you need to hear something explained in a different way to get it. Khan academy is an excellent resource for hearing more about what you’re learning in another way. Specialists and experts teach master classes available to users in Lansing, MI, and everywhere. 


When other planners aren’t quite enough for you, or you’re the kind of person who loves flair markers and misses the online equivalent, iStudiez is for you. Plan everything in online high school and track it too with colorful highlighting and widgets. 

Cold Turkey

If you can get your phone out of your workspace, Cold Turkey can do the other half of the hard part and limit your distractions. Cold turkey blocks anything other than what you need to work to increase your productivity during scheduled times. 

Focus Booster

As a visual reminder of how long you’ve gone Cold Turkey without distractions and your phone, the Focus Booster helps you track time in balanced increments. Rather than work until you stare into space, this app supports short bursts of hyper-focused work in online high school with breaks in between. 


Office managers beware; online high school students have a digital stand-in. Evernote allows for planning, note-taking, scheduling, scanning, and sending documents, all for free. 

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