Parents Questions

  1. Is a diploma from NexTech valued the same as a regular high school?
  2. What type of students attend NexTech?

Is a diploma from NexTech valued the same as a regular high school?


Charter schools and blended schools offer the same high school diploma as traditional public schools. At NexTech, we value our college and career partners. Our students have graduated with a NexTech diploma and have attended colleges, universities, and technical training programs throughout the state and country.


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What type of students attend NexTech?

NexTech is a public charter school, which means we accept students just like a traditional public school. Our students decide to attend NexTech for so many different reason. For example, some of our students struggle with anxiety and our small environment helps students stay relaxed and deploy strategies to help them succeed in school despite their anxiety. Other students decide to enroll with NexTech to have more experiences as an independent learner. These students excel in school and like our program for the flexibility they are offered while still attending classes on a regular basis. Some students use their off-campus time (the result of our 1/2 days) to attend college courses in a dual-enrollment agreement, classes at the Wilson Talent Center, or they have internships in community businesses.

For whatever the reason may be, NexTech serves many students who thrive in our small, blended learning enviornment. If you have questions about if NexTech would fit you or your child, please give us a call!

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