Nontraditional career days

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Darrick Oswalt speaking to students

NexTech Lansing is hosting a series of Career Days to help students learn about non-mainstream careers and side hustles that often aren’t talked about, such as professional gamers, tattoo artists and social media influencers. 

Our Career Days will encourage students to explore interests and passions that they may not have had the chance to discover yet. Career Days are a part of our mission to provide students with opportunities for interaction with diverse and nontraditional role models and mentors. In addition, our Career Days will foster a connection for students between academics and professional endeavors in their future. 

We welcomed photographer Brandon Shafer in October to NexTech. Brandon picked up photography less than a decade ago, to get into local concerts for free. Now he travels the world sharing his passion for art and photography. Brandon spoke to our students about his path to becoming a successful photographer. In November, we welcomed Darick Oswalt. Darick is a professional gamer and streamer who plays under the name of CHARM3R. He spoke to students about his gaming, casting and Esports career. 

 We believe nontraditional role models are a significant factor in a student’s choice to pursue a nontraditional career. By exposing our students to people with unique careers, they can better understand themselves and the role they can play in society. 

NexTech Career Days will continue into the new year and will feature more dynamic positions including a chef, cartoonist, a hip hop dancer, a blogger, a Youtuber, an actor, and a tattoo artist. We hope our students can both enjoy and learn from these professionals.