Congrats to the NexTech Hydra

FIRST Robotics Team

Team 7144 celebrates another blue banner season!

The NexTech FIRST Robotics team is a young team, but a powerful one. 

The NexTech HYDRA celebrated a season with multiple dedicated work groups, teacher-coaches, and parent volunteers. This all-out effort includes the wonderful effort of over thirty students who worked hard on marketing, programing, drive team, fabrication, and more. The dedicated coaches, Nate Beyer and Jesse Chapman, spent countless hours with the students and parents. 

The competition in Lakeview was a blue banner celebration. Hydra was selected in the final pick to be in a championship alliance and ended up bringing home a blue banner. Hydra has earned two blue banners in two years. 

The team is looking forward to a new year and a new set of challenges from FIRST Robotics.