5 Benefits of High School Internships

Three Students Collaborating with each other at NexTech High School.

Before you start applying for full-time jobs, you might consider growing your skills and experience by enrolling in an internship. In some cases, students need high school internships to complete their degree courses.

If you consider an internship at a younger age, you can enjoy many benefits in your career in the future. A survey shows that 70% of students who went through internships were employed faster than those who did not. Such students have a competitive advantage when applying for full-time jobs. 

However, with many high schools offering internships today, it is imperative to research intensively and choose the right school to set you up for success in the future. NexTech High School is a leading charter school providing internships for teens in the Lansing area. Our team is highly equipped with knowledge and quality skills that can change our students' lives and career dimensions. Read on to learn the benefits of high school internships. 

Why Is an Internship Important for a High School Student?

At Nextech High School, we believe that internships for teens offer much more than experience. We encourage students to participate in our internship programs that can make their internship investment in college worthwhile. Below are the benefits you will enjoy when you join our internship programs. 

New Education Technology 

Laptops are essential tools for high school students during internships. This tool helps students deal with paperwork, projects, assignments, examinations, and research. At NexTech High School, we value each intern and understand that not everyone can afford a laptop. This is why we give laptops to every student that enrolls in our school. 

No Tuition Fees 

Some high schools charge for internships, but we don’t think that’s how it should be. NexTech High School is a state-funded charter school. This means that you do not have to pay for your internship program. Our free programs are available to all students, and we strive to offer quality services to our students. 

We are also an AdvancED Accredited Institution, and we operate under the authorization of the Central Michigan University. Students and families looking for a no-cost high school for their internship can now join our school and enjoy our state-funded programs. 

Blended Learning Opportunities 

At NextTech High School, we have a blended educational model that shapes our students’ futures. We combine traditional, online, and in-person learning opportunities to provide students with a full-spectrum education that suits their needs. 

Whether you are a resident of Lansing or plan to move out, you can leverage our internships for high schoolers by joining our online programs. It is a great opportunity where our students can build a relationship with others and their teachers. They can ask questions and get the necessary support. 

Enjoy Flexible Schedules 

Some high school internships come with enormous demands that, if you are not careful, you may not have a life balance between your career, studies, and social life. 

At NextTech High School, we care about our student's well-being by offering a flexible schedule. Here are ways you can leverage our schedules. 

  • Students can meet teachers throughout the week.
  • More opportunities for students to access their teachers.
  • Increased student access to the school facility. 
  • Students have more time to rebuild and establish new after-school programs. 
  • Teachers have dedicated their time to attending to students' individual needs.

Our students can enjoy flexible schedules without feeling exhausted. This creates a life balance, making students and teachers more productive. 

Own Your Future

If securing a better future for your career is your focus, you should keep learning and gaining new experiences and skills. You have to stay relevant in your niche and survive the high competition in the employment sector. 

At NextTech High School, we care about your future and career. We help you understand the potential you carry by offering quality programs to get you a closer step to your future and career success. 

Sign Up for Our Internship Programs Today 

Are you looking for high school internships where you can learn new skills and professional experiences that can shape your career? NextTech High School can help you discover your full potential. We are determined to offer quality internship programs. Contact us via 616-458-4992 for a free consultation. 


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