The Benefits of College Prep Curriculum

The Benefits of College Prep Curriculum
  • A college-prep curriculum is a high school experience designed to help students succeed in college and beyond.
  • At NexTech High School, we work with our students to identify college and career goals and prepare them for a successful experience after high school.

Over 60% of students who graduate high school will enroll in college. While many exciting and essential careers don’t require a college degree, continued education remains a common choice for many students. Discover how a college-prep curriculum can help your student succeed and find out where to turn for a blended learning college preparation experience in Grand Rapids, MI, or Lansing, MI.

Expanded Options for College

Does your student know how to prepare for college? A high school curriculum that is tailored to success in college offers many benefits to students. One significant benefit is expanded options when choosing a college. Competitive schools require excellent grades, a variety of personal interests, diverse backgrounds, and rigorous coursework, all of which are available at NexTech High School.

Entry Into School of Choice

If your student dreams to study at a competitive college, a college-prep curriculum in high school is an essential step in that direction. Our guidance counselors help students prepare for early admissions dates and point out any areas of improvement. We strive to create a holistic learning opportunity that embraces diverse views and a variety of learning opportunities.

Scholarship Qualifications

Once your student chooses a college and is accepted, scholarships help them afford a college education with reduced or no debt. Many scholarships require similar requirements as the entry requirement to competitive colleges, so a college-prep curriculum can help reduce college costs for you and your student.

Lansing Promise Zone

The Promise Zone is a program that offers tuition, fees, textbooks, and any other required materials for free at Grand Rapids Community College for any students that graduate from NexTech while living within the city of Grand Rapids. We are currently the only virtual/blended school that qualifies for this program and it is a great addition to what we offer, especially for students who may be the first in their family to attend college.

Preparation for the College Experience

The college experience is more about coursework. Classes, time management, extracurricular activities, and vibrant social life are all critical parts of the college experience. At NexTech High School, we help your student in Grand Rapids, MI, or Lansing, MI, manage time with a flexible schedule and additional independent time.

Handle the College Workload

Our academic process helps students learn the crucial habits and skills of a successful college experience and career beyond school. Here are just a few skills that other students may struggle to learn as they transition from a traditional high school to college:

  • Independent learning
  • Study habits
  • Time management
  • Self-motivation

We encourage our students at NexTech to take a more active role in their education. This is more in line with the college experience and begins the process of character building that can improve career success beyond college.

Pass Courses and Graduate

A curriculum focused on college prep can improve the graduation rate for college students. We work with our students to take on rigorous courses in high school and pass them with high grades and continue this trend into college. Starting the college journey with the right study habits, life experiences, and knowledge can reduce the stress of coursework and time management.

Learn More About College Prep at NexTech High School

Discuss NexTech High School with your student to see if our blended learning model and college prep curriculum is the right decision. Our Grand Rapids, MI, and Lansing, MI, campuses offer college preparation courses on campus and at home. See how the future of high school education can create the future generation of successful college students and professionals by contacting us today.