10 Myths About Online High Schools

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NexTech High School offers hybrid learning opportunities to students near the Grand Rapids and East Lansing campuses in Michigan.

There are many myths surrounding online high schools and virtual learning experiences, making students and families hesitate to choose a hybrid learning model.

If you’re facing doubts about virtual learning or hybrid learning, you’ve probably heard one or more of these 10 myths. At NexTech High School, we offer answers to these and other questions about what it’s like to study in a hybrid learning environment. Receive the answers you need to common questions about this learning environment in Grand Rapids or East Lansing, MI.

1. There Aren’t Any Extracurricular Activities

Online classes, particularly hybrid classes, plan a wide range of extracurricular activities for students. While many lectures, discussions, and learning opportunities are online, there are many hands-on opportunities as well.

2. Students’ Physical Activity Level Will Suffer

Students at NexTech High School have opportunities to learn hands-on. Discuss your students’ sports, extracurricular, or professional interests, and we can alter our offerings to accommodate additional physical activities.

3. Traditional High Schools Won’t Accept Transfer Credits

As an AdvancED Accreditated Institution, our school offers credits that are transferable to participating classes in traditional high schools. The major reason that credits may not be transferable is a lack of comparable courses in the traditional high school, which is an issue that can happen with any credit transfer situation.

4. Colleges Won’t Accept an Online High School Diploma

Any accredited online high school diploma, such as the one a student receives from NexTech High School, should be accepted in any college. The online or hybrid nature of a school doesn’t affect whether it’s an accredited institution.

5. Students Won’t Socialize Enough

At NexTech High School, our students have a number of opportunities to socialize with their peers. Our hybrid model means students will gather in a classroom in Grand Rapids or East Lansing, MI, for a portion of the week. Students communicate on message boards and with live chat features during days of online work.

6. Online Schools Are Too Expensive

Some online programs are a costly investment. Others, like NexTech, are a public charter school. This allows them to offer classes free of charge to participating students.

7. Class Aren’t Challenging Enough

Online classes offer students the opportunity to learn at their own pace. For many students, this means that they are actually able to learn more and challenge themselves to greater levels of understanding and experience in the classroom. We offer learning tips and additional support for students who wish to challenge themselves with a rigorous education.

8. Programs Are Only Available for Troubled Students

Some programs are designed for students who struggle to participate in a traditional classroom setting. At NexTech, our program is for students of all abilities levels and backgrounds.

9. Online Learning Isn’t for Every Learning Style

An innovative blend of online resources, in-class support, and one-on-one mentorship allows students to learn through a wide range of approaches. Instead of being a rigid learning structure, online and hybrid learning is often more flexible in accommodating learning styles.

10. Students Can’t Stay Motivated in Online Schools

We’re committed to offering students effective ways to study and learn online and at our campuses in Grand Rapids and East Lansing. Request more information about NexTech High School today to see if it’s the right learning opportunity for your student.



Image Credit: Perfect Wave/Shutterstock