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Student Engagement at NexTech

Over the past five months, the NexTech team has been working together to establish what our definition of “engaged learning” looks like here on-campus. Essentially, we asked ourselves what defines good teaching and learning here at NexTech when the students come to class. NexTech is a blended-learning school, which means we use technology and online assignments to amplify learning and to give students more control of their learning and flexibility for their schedule. There is another piece to our puzzle, though, and that is the learning experiences here during their class sessions. It is necessary for the teaching team to be growing and improving the way that they work with students during on-campus classes. 

During the fall 2019 semester, the NexTech teaching team met once a week where we read and discussed the strategies within Robert Marzano’s The Highly Engaged Classroom and how these strategies could be implemented within our school. A document (linked below) was kept as a weekly record and is currently used as a living document as it is adjusted and refined over time.

The essential teacher questions for student success that we examined within The Highly Engaged Classroom are “Are my students engaged?” and “Are my students interested?”. These strategies guided our creation of “classroom look-fors” that will be used to guide instructional growth goals, peer observation, peer coaching, and new teacher onboarding.

We are proud of our work and as we move forward, the document will adjust and be refined to fit our model of teaching and learning. This document was presented to the school board in January of 2020 as a major objective within our strategic plan. 

Check out our work here! Student Engagement at NexTech (click here)

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