Blended Learning at NexTech

Blended learning is the delicate combination of on-campus learning experiences with independent learning. This combination needs to include some element of student control over their learning in their independent time, which is why most of these experiences are based online. The on-campus learning must be experiences that bring value to students, such as class activities, collaboration, and more. 

Blueprint ImageBlended learning is successful, by design, due to the teacher. Just like a blueprint of a building, the teacher is responsible for creating a plan for their course that fits the needs of their students while also maintaing a balance of learning experiences. The courses at NexTech are being built to help students succeed. This may look different in every course. In every course, the teacher is the architect of the learning with the goal of supporting each and every student in their learning. 

Our blended learning model helps students get the best of the face-to-face environment while learning independently, on their own time, outside of school. It is the connection and the combination of these environments that helps our students prepare for college, career, and life.

Blended Learning Diagram

NexTech students attend classes on-campus four days a week and each day is a 1/2 day of on-campus scheduled courses. Students spend the other half of their day in work experience, internships, independent learning activities, or more.

Our blended learning model works for students at NexTech. Students are able to spend valuable learning time with their teachers in their on-campus learning experiences, while spending their own time outside of school in valuable experiences. Students are able to grow as independant learners while also taking time to connect and build relationships with their peers and NexTech teachers. Our small class sizes (15 students to 1 teacher) create a low-stress enviornment for students to grow and learn together. As our program grows, we are growing our community partners who are providing extra resources and connections for students as they work towards their goals.

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